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*UPASANA – (Hindi)

A 22 part Costume Drama  TV serial directed by Dr. S. Krishnaswamy and produced br Dr. Mohana.  It is based on the twin Tamil epics Silappadikaram and Manimegalai written in the 2nd century by Ilango  Adigal  and Seethalai Saathanar   on their  contemporary  events.   They are  the  most extant ancient literature in  any  Indian  language other than Sanskrit. UPASANA is produced with high production values and it recreates the atmosphere of 2nd century Tamilnadu as described in literature. It has been dubbed into Tamil and telecast under the title, AALAYAM


A 13 episode TV series of award winning short stories by famous Tamil authors including Jayakanthan, bringing the contemporary Tamil ethos in a Hindi TV Serial. Directed by Dr. S. Krishnaswamy and produced br Dr. Mohana.



The story revolves around a Tamil family in a state of flux. As social changes impinge on the value systems of a traditional family the story narrates in a telling manner how the contemporary generation faces the challenges, which are universal in character, modern in genesis, and yet the solutions for which are specifically rooted in India. It is a subtle message against obscurantism and yet firmly anchored in the desirable aspects of tradition.
With Screenplay and Direction by S.KRISHNASWAMY, based on a story by well-known Tamil author, Jayakanthan, the serial features National-Award-Winning actress, Lakshmi, in the lead role, with Poornam Viswanathan, Nizhalgal Ravi, ARS, and several other stellar names of the South Indian film world.



This is a weekly serial directed by Lata Krishnaswamy, with story and dialogue by the well- known Tamil novelist, Vaasanthi. Telecast from November 2001 to March 2002 on JAYA TV, THEEKKUL VIRAL features award winning artistes, Abishek and Viji Chandrasekar in the lead roles with Suresh, Vatsala Rajagopal, Vijayachandrika, Calcutta Krishnamoorthy, Geetha Ravishankar, Ravishankar, Kanchi Initha, and a host of other artistes. It is highly acclaimed for its intense and sophisticated treatment of a sensitive contemporary novel. Produced with a lot of gloss, THEEKKUL VIRAL has very high production values.

Prabhu, a young millionaire businessman, falls in love with a middle class girl, Kamini and marries her. Soon after marriage, Kamini realizes that Prabhu had been a playboy. Kamini discovers to her horror that Prabhu continues to have his extra-marital affairs even after his marriage and that he has married her merely to have the status of having a beautiful wife. Kamini's mother advises her to tackle her life herself as she is educated. Hence starts the story of a girl trying to establish an independent identity for herself, and her struggle to win her husband back, and the drama unfolds.



Based on award winning Short Stories by different authors - each one presenting a contemporary social problem. The first 16 episodes of this serial won the BRISTOL AWARD for the best Television Serial, prompting us to produce 34 more episodes based on highly sensitive short stories.

The themes cover a wide range from family drama to political satire, from light hearted comedy to serious issues, fantasy to abject realism, with emphasis on portraying one chosen hue of a contemporary social scene each week - a bouquet of fragrance without compelling you to the unending parade of a continuous mega-serial, but compelling your attention each week to return to fresh air, every time.

Screenplay and Dialogue for most of these episodes is by Dr. S. Krishnaswamy.These stories feature several stellar names of South Indian Cinema and Television including Gemini Ganesh, Sowkar Janaki, Srividya, Y.G.Mahendra, Poornam Viswanathan, Sacchu, Gita, Master Sridhar, Master Sekar, Swaminathan, ARS, Mohan Ram, Lakshmiratan, Gopi, comedian Swaminathan, M.Banumathy, Shanthi Ganesh, Sivagami, Master Shridhar, Geetha Ravishankar, Initha, Madan Bob, Suresh, Dr.Sharmila, Sangeeta, Meera Krishnan, MLA Thangaraj, Venkatesh and others. Produced by Dr. Mohana Krishnaswamy, the early 16 episodes are directed by Dr. S. Krishnaswamy; while the later episodes are directed either by Lata Krishnaswamy or by Gita Krishna Raj.



The Serial is directed by GITA KRISHNARAJ, with screenplay and dialogue by Dr. Krishnaswamy himself. The story begins on 1st January 1900, when Visalam is born and concludes when her great granddaughter Visalam III emerges as a seasoned management and software professional in 2000. Unlike the generally followed tracing of Family Trees on a patriarchal lineage, “VISALAM” traces a matriarchal lineage of four generations of women and concludes at the dawn of a new millennium.

Through a highly realistic portrayal of the periods and characters, this epic story unfolds the saga of South India from the perspectives of an educated, prosperous family, tracing the gradual but daunting changes that sweep the family and its values as societal changes impinge on the women of the household.

While the Serial features a galaxy of popular TV artistes in the first three generations of the story – including Abhishek, Dr.Sharmila, Shanti Ganesh, Auditor Sridhar, Kanchi Initha, Golden Suresh, Sita, Goutam, Baby Meenakshi, Baby Kalyani, Swaminathan, the contemporary generation of characters are performed by Lata, Gita, Suresh, Prem Sai, Baby Kamini, Baby Vaishnavi and others.



Consisting of gems among the writings of the celebrated author Jayakanthan, these contemporary short stories reflect social realities based in rural and urban South India. Directed by S.KRISHNASWAMY, the serial features eminent artistes including Srividya, Srikanth, V.Gopalakrishnan, ARS, Poornam Viswanathan, Shoba, Swaminathan and several others.

SHAKTI - 14 EPISODES ( Hindi )

A 14-episode Hindi short story serial featuring Syed Jaffrey, Girish Karnad, Lakshmi, Srividya, Zarina Wahab, Moon Moon Sen, Chitra Sharma, Paintal, Asha Sharma, Sushma Ahuja, Sudhir Ahuja and several others. With Hindi dialogue by different writers, the serial is directed by S.KRISHNASWAMY, based on the cream of short stories by Jayakanthan.



A comedy based on the central character of a genuinely naive "detective" who nevertheless stumbles upon success in each one of his efforts - a laugh-riot, directed by S.KRISHNASWAMY, based on a novel by legendary humourist DEVAN. From the time it first appeared in print in 1945, Thuppariyum Sambu has remained a humour-classic for anyone familiar with Tamil literature.

The title role is performed by the celebrated comedian Y.Gee.Mahendra, while several other well-known artistes like ARS, Sheela, Salima, Neelakantan, Typist Gopu are also featured.



A mythological costume-drama on the Saivite Saints of South India , these stories are taken out of Thiruvilayadal Puranam which are immensely popular among the devout Hindus. Shiva appears in different incarnations in each of the eight episodes. This has a stellar cast of Venniradai Nirmala, Shanthi Ganesh, Bhanumathi, Heron Ramaswamy, Master Sridhar, Lata & Gita. Directed by S.KRISHNASWAMY & MOHANA.


A compilation of two important stories from the Jataka Tales, VIDHURA JATAKA (directed by GITA) & UMMAKKA JATAKA (directed by LATA). Produced with many special effects and high production values, employing VIRTUAL REALITY combined with live action, this is based on a well-researched screenplay by A.S.Nagarajan, with dialogue by Valampuri Somanathan. It features Venu Arvind, Shyam Ganesh, Master Sridhar, Srinivasan, Sachu, Priyadarshini, Kanchi Inita, Shanti Ganesh, Ravi Ragavendar, Manoj, others.

THYAGABHOOMI (HINDI – Telefilm) – 120 minutes


The original Tamil version of this film, produced and directed by K.SUBRAHMANYAM, based on a novel by the doyen among Tamil writers, KALKI, was banned by the then British Government in 1939 for propagating ideals of the Indian freedom struggle. Hailed as a landmark among Indian films, it is also considered as the high water mark among Indian films portraying the rights of women. Thyaga Bhoomi was a sensational success at the box-office. The film promoted such a strong national spirit that soon after release the then British rulers imposed a ban on the film.A girl discarded by her wealthy husband, builds up a career for herself and eventually finds monetary success as well. The husband, by then in the streets, wishes to return to her. The girl not only refuses to accept him but also offers him alimony, which is what a man would have offered his wife under similar circumstances.

S. KRISHNASWAMY made a new Hindi version of this in 1989 to mark the 50th anniversary of the ban on the original, and as a tribute to the memory of his father K. SUBRAHMANYAM. The HINDI version features Bharat Bhushan in a lead role as father of the heroine protagonist, while Gita plays the main role. Several other well-known artistes are also featured.


* All the titles above are Tamil programmes except where Hindi is mentioned

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